theory of creation # 2

Theory of Creation #2

Quite often
people confuse
hope with
Happiness with
Gratification with
Possession with
People quite often
want a life that’s
out of sync with
cognitive existence.
Put your lofty
ideals on hold–
anything biological
is cognitive &
driven by consumption.


Perhaps it goes
even deeper.
Perhaps even a
stone composed of
swirling atoms &
things smaller still
is cognitive.
How else explain
the way it
slyly traps
those atoms to
become a stone?


Perhaps there is
a primary cognition
that one day
caught a glimpse of
itself & said:
That’s what
the Big Bang was–
God’s startled recognition
of Himself.
So don’t take it
personal when
you’re consumed by
a head-on collision
or lose your legs
in war.
It’s only God,
searching for

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