the yo-yo of disjointed emotion

Artwork by Andre Nax

The Yo-yo of Disjointed Emotion

Tomorrow is Leonard Cohen’s birthday. Today is Maxwell Perkins’ birthday. Today is also the birthday of 3,410 infant Ethiopians, 463 mad Turks and 42 suave motherfuckers on Park Avenue.

Tomorrow is the birthday of Annette Funicello and Attila the Hun. Neither of them is related to Leonard Cohen, peeking thru the curtains from a Paris hotel room. He looks down and sees that he’s barefoot. A sour discovery. There must be a song in it somewhere.

Is Leonard Cohen Mother Theresa’s love child? An idle thought. So many questions hung out to dry in the Canadian sunset.

The future’s whiplashing out of control, but don’t fret. Don’t bite your nails. Don’t choke on the wishing bone. Why the hell did you swallow it in the first place?

Gone the days of unchecked adventure.

Gone the days of eat it all and die young.

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