the holiday season

The Holiday Season

Memorial Day
has come &
gone so
has Mother’s
Day &
Father’s Day
& the
first day
of summer
the days
are getting
shorter but
no one
notices the
earth tilt
Jazz in
the Valley
has packed
up its
horns &
here comes
Labor Day &
four days
of rodeo
with no
place to


If I can
make it
thru that
Halloween is
a breeze
I just
sit in
the dark
saying the
rosary &
don’t open
the door
& Thanksgiving
is mostly
a matter
of finding
excuses to
turn down


Then comes
the long
haul to
Christmas &
New Year’s
& the
is brutal.
Guilt trips
& presents
piety &
past ghosts
the suicide
rate soars
but we
hang on
like pit bulls
year after
year after


A slow
fall into
Day a
Saint Patrick’s
Day Easter
& then
it’s time
once again
to honor
the boys
that we
send off
to be

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